Market Update for the Advanced Materials Sector

FMG’s market update, published twice per year, delivers insight on key strategic and financial issues facing the advanced materials sector.

FMG has published the first in its series of market updates on the advanced materials sector. The market update aims to provide commentary into the complex dynamics that shape the advanced material sector. The report is divided into two main sections:

Market Dynamics

Market Dynamics covers issues and trends that impact players in the advanced materials sector. This includes key developments and areas to watch going forward. FMG seeks to go beyond the headline events by placing them in the wider context of the industry and diving into the strategic issues affecting decision-makers.

Financial Review

Financial Review tracks and analyses financial indicators within the sector. Using our global database of over 150 publicly traded advanced materials firms, FMG evaluates metrics ranging from profitability to valuation multiples to capital expenditures. In addition, our analysis tracks M&A activity levels across the sector.

Download Issue 1 – (PDF)

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