Clear Thinking In Uncertain Times

Clear Thinking In Uncertain Times

As composite and advanced materials markets deal with the impact of COVID-19, FMG’s latest thinking provides clear insight and strategic options to exploit new opportunities.

Impact on Commercial Aerospace

With crisis and recovery phases for the aerospace supply chain expected to last for several years each; the new normal, its demand level and the impact on new technology adoption, will not be defined quickly. However, what is clear, is that M&A opportunities will present, with potential to capitalise on a case-by-case basis, depending on longer-term commercial viability.


Reordering of Global Carbon Fibre Supply Chain

The massive drop in demand for Aerospace grade CF and uncertainty over timeframes for new CFRP intensive aero programs will shift focus to other applications such as Automotive and Wind Energy. Horizontal and vertical integration via M&A is expected with potential for Chinese CF producers to emerge as a low-cost option for Wind Energy.


Accelerating Adoption of 3D Printing and AM Technology

Additive manufacturing is moving rapidly to the next maturity level as strong benefits and falling costs drive significant growth. Increased adoption in high-value industries such as Aerospace (especially MRO), Automotive and Medical is placing more challenging demands on materials. Now is the time for materials companies to secure their position and demonstrate solutions to challenge of printing and validating composite materials.


In all these scenarios, timing, expert analysis and complete understanding of the market or industry are key to successful capitalization on the opportunity. FMG leads the way in strategic advisory services for the composites and advanced materials industries, let’s discuss how to ensure your future success.