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Envision, plan and execute

Future Materials Group specialise in strategies for growth.  Our focus is on the critical, and highly specific, success factors that enable businesses to accelerate and sustain growth and value.

Future Materials Group’s work supports and informs organisations through the entire growth journey – from identifying best-fit opportunities, through business vision formulation, to strategy development and implementation.
We fully evaluate and prioritise new market opportunities, looking at products, applications, industries and/or geographies. We are entrepreneurial and innovative in creating the optimal market entry strategies.
FMG support early-stage businesses to build and execute a coherent plan for next level growth. Specific work packages range from capital raising, to stimulating organic growth through new sales and marketing initiatives, new sales channels, strategic partnerships, and new business models.
By identifying emerging drivers, products and technologies, and through developing high-level roadmaps for future development, expansion, and technology licensing partnerships, we set out a strategy that connects innovation with future markets.
Investigating and assessing existing business models and capabilities, successes and failures, both internally and externally, FMG finds, shapes and capitalises on untapped opportunities, whether through organic growth or acquisition.
Building and protecting value from Intellectual Property is a key driver of business competitiveness and growth. We help you with IP strategy development, commercialisation opportunities, and IP management support including patent applications and funding.
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Sustaining & accelerating business growth
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