Mergers & Acquisitions

Middle market M&A 

With advisory expertise in middle market acquisitions, we represent larger corporates, private equity firms and investors seeking to acquire. Our worldwide sector knowledge and top-level contacts allows Future Materials Group to introduce clients to niche markets, source hidden acquisition opportunities and participate in proprietary transactions outside of the auction environment.

We offer a full suite of capabilities to help clients identify, analyse, and execute potential acquisition opportunities:

Defining creative growth concepts in attractive investment or acquisition categories, identifying where opportunities exist to build sustainable profit growth.
Profiling and screening acquisition candidates in attractive businesses, and identifying the targets which maximise value creation opportunities.
Developing a transaction structure that accommodates the resources and objectives of the client.
Analysing the strategic, business and financial situation of acquisition target, identifying key issues and risks, making acquisition and valuation recommendations, and outlining a post-acquisition strategic direction.
Using appropriate strategies and tactics to negotiate a successful transaction.
Providing post-transaction analysis and support on developing business plans, organisational changes, specific action plans, timelines and accountabilities, and mapping of key-transaction contingencies.
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