Peter White

Non-executive Director

Peter White is the founder of YTKO, the European economic and enterprise development company. Prior to this, he worked for Aviva, managed European marketing for Olivetti, and was CEO of Creative Direct, a consumer marketing consultancy, where he launched many health and personal care products.

He has directed the largest pre-incubation project in Europe, covering chemicals, biotechnology, and healthcare, and was a board member of the European Commission’s Sector Innovation Panel for biotechnology.

Peter’s specialism is ICT, and is a leading practitioner of proof of concept to accelerate market engagement and revenues for early-stage technology. He is a non-executive director of Validus-IVC a fast-growing insurance claims service, and Transversal, the leading web self-service firm. He is also an investor in optical engineering, supporting a high performance optical processor, for which he holds three patents.